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posted 3/27/24

The month of March has been a busy one! We have been open again for a month now, and we have received overwhelming support from the community. We are very happy to be open again and serving the community once more. However, we are still picking up many of the pieces dropped during the five month long closure.

Despite best efforts, we still only have two staff members, both of whom had made plans long in advance for this April. Marion graciously was able to shift her plans so that there is only a two-day overlap, April 5th and 6th, meaning we will only have to close for those two days. Thank you Marion! We will open as usual the following Tuesday (April 9th) at our usual hours.

During the week leading up to and following the two day closure, we will be short staffed with only one staff member carrying out library functions, so we do ask for your patience during those times. The members of the library board have volunteered to sit in on those days, so there will always be at least two people in the library at any given time.

You can view the days we will be open or closed on our community calendar, which can be found by clicking here!

Have a wonderful spring!