Reading Road Trip

Buckle Up!

Because we are going on a Reading Road Trip! Every Monday a new Episode will be posted to view here on the website and on  Facebook!

Checkers the Inventor and his spunky sidekick, Snoozer the robot are traveling in their flying van to zoos, aquariums, wildlife rescues and meeting famous animals from across the world! Each 30 minute episode is packed with adventure, animal book reviews and recommendations, a craft completed during the show, and animated escapades! Checkers and Snoozer will meet animals, learning about them and most importantly, read about them!

Tropical Animals

Off to the tropics! Checkers and Snoozer travel to meet gorillas and parrots. Along the way, they will be reading books, learning about tropical animals, and visiting the mysterious Gorilla Mountain!


Cold Climate Animals

Polar Bears and Penguins! Checkers and Snoozer are on their way to meet both of these incredible animals in one amazing day! Come along on today’s road trip as they read books and learn all about animals that live in cold climates.


Reading Road Trip- Farm Animals

In this latest episode, Checkers and Snoozer are on their way to a real farm! They will be meeting cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats and more on this all new adventure! Join them as they talk about spectacular farm books and learn all about animals that live on farms!


Reading Road Trip – Forest Episode

Checkers the Inventor and his robot pal, Snoozer, are headed to a wildlife center to learn all about the animals that inhabit Forests. Join them for this incredible adventure as they meet Foxes, Porcupines and Owls!


The Reading Road Trip- Pets

Checkers and Snoozer are back once again. This time, they are learning all about pets! They’ll be reviewing pet books, learning more about domestic animals, and once again avoiding the perils of the beast of Fuzzleland!

The Reading Road Trip- Desert Animals

Checkers and Snoozer are back! Today’s Mission? Traveling to a safari to meet real life desert animals! Along the way, they will complete animal crafts, learn exciting information and check out some spectacular books.


The Reading Road Trip Extinct Animals Complete

Join Checkers the Inventor and his robot pal, Snoozer, on a magical adventure as they travel to the Science Museum to learn about Extinct Animals! Thrills await you, from flying books to a 20 foot tall Labrador. Don’t miss out!