Raccoons go Rafting with Rachel- Saturday, August 13th, 1-2 pm
On Saturday, August 13th, Rachel Nardin will be reading from her book “Raccoons Go Rafting” at the library! Rachel will also be engaging kids with fun crafts that include creating a “campfire crown” or bracelet. This program is suitable for families with a focus on crafts that are suitable for ages 3-8 and 6+. “Raccoons Go Rafting” is an adventurous tale of mischievous rafting raccoons enjoying a summer trip down the Hudson River.  Filled with …
Mark and Jill Sing the Blues! August 6th, 2 – 3 pm
Based in Upstate New York, Mark and Jill meld their vision and talent for a taste of New Orleans meets Austin. New York Blues Hall of Fame bluesman, Mark Tolstrup, and sultry Texas singer, Jill Burnham, come together where the Delta meets the Rio Grande. Over a haunting slide guitar, their voices soar and blend in harmony. Mark and Jill bring a fresh and original interpretation to the earliest roots of the blues. Their original …
Deep Sea Readers- Episode 5!
Hello again, deep sea readers! This is our next episode with Checkers and Snoozer, “Which Way to Read?” Thank you for continuing to follow along with us through this adventure! The link to the episode is below.  
Author Brian Farr!
Author, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Addiction Studies Professor Brian Farr is coming to the library! Thursday, July 28th, 6:00 p.m. Farr will be discussing his novel, Deerfield, as well as touching on the topics of empathy, compassion, and the culture of kindness that exists in our small towns. This program is primarily designed for adults and teenagers.
Deep Sea Readers- Episode 4!
Hello deep sea readers! Here is the link to Episode 4 of our summer online series, “Creatures of the Sea”. Come back next Thursday for another new episode!